Below, you can read about my services and how I can help optimizing your sound, audio, and acoustics. If you want to know more or if you have a specific project in mind, you are always welcome to contact me.

Consultancy service regarding sound and audio

Product concept and design

I offer product concepts regarding the sonic and acoustic design. If you want a product that needs to have specific features – for example a loudspeaker placed in a particular setting like outdoors or a covered terrace – I can make the concept for you. 

I can make an idea – a product sketch – a proposal for a solution. In other words, I can make a concept and create a product. When the project is to be realized, I contribute to the process along the way.

Sound performance optimization

Sound performance optimization is about the psychoacoustic parts: The objective and the subjective part. The objective part is regarding tuning whereas the subjective part deals with the engineering design and sound-performance. 

I spend a lot of time especially regarding the subjective part where I make sure that the specific product can play as loud as it should, can cover the given frequency ranges, and generally optimizes quality.


I offer my services regarding drive-units where I help drive-units technology companies optimizing their constructions. In this way, they get the most out of their products as well as optimizing and making them more efficient.

I have many years of experience and knowledge with the fine little details when making drive-units. I can help in different ways: I can work as an internal consultant as well as the designer who does it all from scratch.


I can help creating the perfect acoustics for your situation and room division. I have many years of experience and knowledge regarding the effect and perception of sound by the propagation of sound waves in all types of spaces.

Within acoustics, there are three important aspects you need to have in mind: sound propagation from drive-units, room acoustics, and psycho acoustics. I am happy to keep track of all the elements.

R&D Organization

It is important to have milestones in the workflow and developement process. How far have we come, and what is the best way to keep going? It is important to be aligned and to know what we are doing and when, so we in this way can work together about the product. 

I can keep track on our procedure and the process. I know the compentencies needed to reach the goal and how to work in different development departments and set up the process in an entire company.

Cost reduction by optimizing product and parts design

If your company has made a product but are not quite in goal of performance, I can help optimizing the product. Maybe your product uses too much power, does not play loud enough, or another third option. 

I am ready to make solutions, review designs, and optimize the given product based on a given desire, you have expressed from the beginning. I can be available from start to finish or provide input while you are already working on it.

Other services on request… Please feel free to contact me to hear about your options.

Want to know more?

Please feel free to contact me if you want to hear more about me, my services, as well as my technical contributions. I am always happy to help and ready to take a non-committal conversation about my work.